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• REALITY STAR is an international Singing Talent competition, which brings completely new theme to Marbella and Costa del Sol
• Organizing a talent competition is a great way to bring closer the local and international communities of Costa del Sol.
• This talent competition will provide an opportunity for the performers to demonstrate their creativity and talents...
• It will also offer to the participants the possibility of becoming a true artist.
• There will be a Pre-Casting Process ON LINE for International and the Local Participants

   Great opportunity for the Local talents perform LIVE at the loCal Tv and Radio before the finals 
• Selected Participants will Perform at the Semifinal and the Final Scheduled for NOVEMBER/December 2015 
• Date and Venue of the Contest Finals Will be Confirmed
• Judging Panel will be completed with an internationally famous producers, popular musicians and Town Hall representatives of the city of Marbella.

2. Objectives of the Contest

• Discovery of young and up and coming talents locally and internationally 

  To develop poise and self-confidence in a young talents
• Provide an avenue through which local TV and Radio programs may broaden an image and acquaint the public with the new and creative talents on the     Costa del Sol 
• Support them in career development and promotion to gain recognition by local and International communities.
• Attract international tourism to the city of Marbella where Talent show will be born and held.
• Promote Marbella as a Cultural Capital of Costa del Sol

3. Benefits of an International Partnership

Reality Star become a member of the World Association of the Performing Arts - WAPA 

 Winners of the Reality Star will be performing at the various international festivals and contests in different countries representing Spain Relity Star or their respected countries 




 • Real Launch Pad for the New Up and Coming Talents 

• Reality Star Production Centre will Support the artists in a career development and promotion to gain          recognition locally and internationally.


4.The Contest Categories



 In two age Categories

Junior – from 8 to 16
Senior- 17- and over

It is an open competition no restricted to the country or any institution

All materials related to entries, sound records, website submission forms and the video links on YouTube,
must be received between
01 APRIL – 20 JUNE OF 2015

 For the Submission of the application for the Reality Star Contest go to Submissions 

To register in our Talent Community go to Register


 5.Nominations and Prizes 

 Best Vocal Senior 

Runner up
Best Performance


Best Vocal Junior
Runner up
Best Performance


Favorite of the Audience

Reality Star Award –For the
Best Original Authors Song


Participants will receive winner’s diplomas and valuable  prizes and vauchers 

 6.Judging Panel 

Judging Panel will be completed with an internationally famous producers, popular musicians and Town Hall representatives of the city of Marbella.

6 judges - possible qualifications for Judges may include experience in the Arts & Culture and/or with the recognition in art or music society.
Scoring System –10 is the highest score


Head of the Judging Panel
Roger Noel Cook – Producer – Song Writer – UK


General Provisions

 1. Submission requirements


Pease REGISTER on the Reality Star website and fill 
Online Registration form

After the confirmation Email received

30 Euro Competition Entry Fee

To be transferred to the given account once online registration is completed


Or send us by email :

 o Short Bio of the contestant 

o 3 good quality photos –Portrait and in full height
o 1 Video/ Audio Record or links on YouTube

 Song Categories for the Contest

 o 1. World Hit in original Language 

o 2. Hit of the Country of Origen
o 3. Original Authors Song (if any)

Selection Procedure
Appointed Jury will announce Successful candidates who passed

 ONLINE SELECTION by 30 June  2015


Reality Star- FINALS in November/December 2015




1 composition will be entered in the Semifinal of the contest:

o World Hit in original Language
o Length of the song no more than 2.40 minutes


1 compositions will be entered in the final of the contest no more than 2.40 min each song
o The world hit in Original Language
Hit of the Native Country or Original authors Song


 Other Requirements :

  English or Spanish songs are obligatory.
• Lyrics of the performing original authors’ songs to be provided
• Number of Artists on the stage: no more than 8 people weather it is a group, band or performers accompanied back vocal singers and dancers.
• Contestants must provide contact information and agree to the terms specified in the competition entry contract.
• All materials related to entries, sound records, the website submission forms and the video links on You Tube ,must be received between 1st April - 20 June 2015

Failure to send any of mentioned above elements or other formal lapses (missing or eligible information) will disqualify the participant.


1. Information for International Participants
• Traveling and accommodation expenses including obtaining visas to enter in Spain shell be covered by the participants or delegating institutions.
• Organization Committee of the Reality Star will provide an official invitation of participation to be used for the visa purposes.
• Organizational Committee will offer special discount on accommodation with special package for the days of the contest Contact our assistant team for the details to make travel arrangements and reservations in advance.


 International Participation Fee -

30 EU - Submission Fee 

250 EU - Including

Airport Transfer,Hotel-3 nights-breakfast included

(full board optional) 

2. General Responsibilities-

Organization Committee of the ‘’Reality Star’’ Talent Contest is responsible and will handle the tasks and all the relevant issues of the full event.

o Organization Committee reserves the right to change competition days/times, if deemed necessary, and also reserves the right to move the competition location if it becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.
o If enough submitions are not received by RS , we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the date of the competition.
o The organizational commetee does not review or return the music or video materials.
o Organizers reserve exclusive rights of a broadcasting and accumulation of the video and audio records of the Show for its future usage all over the world with no time restrictions.
o As a result of listening and viewing the Participants of the 1st round, the best artists are invited for participation in semifinal selection round.
o The decision on the further passage of the Participant into second round is delivered exclusively by organizing committee .


3. Video Content

 o Content must be original and must not infringe upon any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. Content must also not infringe or invade any rights of publicity or privacy and must be free of defamatory content. You can use material that is under public domain, but must cite each source in your video.
o Content must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages.
o By submitting an entry, contestants agree RS the right to disqualify or edit any entry at discretion.
o By submitting an entry, contestants agree that RS shall be entitled to the unrestricted use and broadcasting of any submissions to this contest for any purpose without compensation.

4. Disqualification


o By participating in the contest, contestants agree that RS reserves the right to disqualify any entry or contestant for failure to comply with any specified rule or aspect of the contest, including but not limited to failure to include credits or submit creator's statement, unoriginality, vulgarity, intellectual property infringement or low quality submissions.
o By participating in the contest, contestants agree that RS is not responsible for any incomplete, ineligible, illegible or lost entries or agreements, or for any failure to send or receive entries or agreements due to any difficulties faced by the contestant or by RS

5. Judging and Winners


o Prize Distribution: Reality Star is not responsible for the division or sharing of any prizes awarded to the members of a group submission.
o Notice to Winners: Inability to reach a winner through reasonable efforts may result in disqualification and the choosing of an alternate winner.
o Prizes are not assignable or transferable.
o Taxes: Winners are not responsible for the reporting or payment of any taxes on the prizes.
o Other contestants will receive memorable diplomas and may receive awards and valuable gifts.
o Sponsors, partners, supporters and representatives of the various institutions can approve their own nominees and award winners.
6. Disputes
o By submitting an entry, contestants agree to not dispute the results.
o Contestants agree that construction of these rules and regulations shall be governed by the Spanish law, without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provisions or rules.

o Invalidity of any provision within these rules and regulations shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.


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